Signature Style

Springboard your success and achieve your goals!


Are you a woman with ambition who wants to springboard your success to the next level?


Either you run your own business and are ready to scale up, or you are in a leadership role at work ready to step up to the next level. Are you holding yourself and your business back?


Do you need to make your mark, be memorable and stand out for the right reasons?


Do you want to make sure you have an authentic personal brand that truly reflects who you are and aligns with how you do business?


Are you confident in who you are and what you do, and although you’ve had great success so far, to take things to the next level you know your image needs to be totally aligned to your goals?


Has it been a while since you invested in your image? Do you know it needs work? Perhaps The problem is that you don’t have the time, know-how or energy to figure it all out yourself?

If this is you, I’m here to help!

I’m passionate about helping ambitious women, just like you, to elevate their personal style and achieve the success they desire. I specialise in helping you to not only discover the style that is right for you, but also how to implement it in practice so that your personal brand is authentic and credible.

That’s why I have created The Signature Style Programme, which is a bespoke one-to-one package tailored especially for you.

When you work with me in The Signature Style Programme, you will discover how to:


Dress in an authentic way that shows your full potential


Upgrade your personal style to align with your business/career goals, as well as your lifestyle


Create a wardrobe that enables you to dress effortlessly, with style, for any occasion


Develop your personal brand so you are visible, credible and have the right impact every single day


Invest wisely in your wardrobe, saving time, energy and money


Adapt your outfit to suit your environment, from having gravitas and authority, to being more relaxed and informal, without having to change everything you’re wearing


Create impact, be visible and memorable in person and online


Remove the overwhelm from your wardrobe and when you go clothes shopping

The Signature Style Programme gives you everything you need to elevate your style to align with your personal brand and springboard your success to the next level. I will guide you through every step of the process. 

How we’ll work together:


  • The first step is for you to complete The Style Assignment, to help you get clear about where you are and what you want to achieve. We’ll then review this together during a Zoom session so that I can ensure I completely tailor the programme to meet your specific goals.
    • In our first face-to-face style session, I will analyse your unique skin colouring to identify the absolute best palette of colours for you. These will be the colours that make you look radiant, healthy, and bring you into focus (a client of mine once said the wrong colours made her look pale, feel drained and accentuated the dark circles around her eyes … and she was right. So, let’s make sure this isn’t you)
    • During the first session, we’ll also look at using make-up to enhance your natural features. I’ll show you how you can easily apply make-up in 90 seconds. I’ll perfectly match your make-up to your skin tone, so everything works in harmony and makes you look and feel beautiful*. EVEN BETTER, you will walk away with all the products you need to recreate the look for yourself.
        • In our second face-to-face style session, we’ll create your personal style profile. This shows you how to dress for your body architecture and proportions, as well as how to express your personality through your clothes and accessories, so that your look is authentic and radiant. Gone will be the days of standing in front of your wardrobe, sighing, rolling your eyes and focusing on all the bits you hate about your body.
        • Depending on your preferences around make-up, we’ll also explore in the second session some additional make-up and application techniques to create different looks. For example how you wear your make-up going to work, might be different to an award ceremony, versus date night, or even on the beach! This is of course optional.
        • Once we know your personal style profile and palette of best colours, session 3 is a complete wardrobe review. I’ll visit you and your wardrobe** and help you assess what you’ve already got. We’ll clear out what no longer works for you, organise what you’re keeping, and create a shopping list. If me coming to you isn’t what you want, you’re very welcome to pack up your wardrobe and bring it me.
        • I will then take you on your first bespoke personal shopping trip. We can go to Cardiff City centre or Bristol Cribbs Causeway. We’ll agree which is right for you so you have the best possible shopping experience. My commitment to you is that prior to our trip I will carry out a preparation visit which usually takes me a couple of hours. This is to ensure that I know exactly where to take you so we won’t waste any time, only going to shops that have what we need, and that fit your price range. On our visit, I will support you to make wise investments that make you look great. I will share with you how I help my clients decide whether or not to make the purchase. Your shopping trips always include lunch, where we will sit and discuss the purchases so far and ensure the rest of the trip is both productive and enjoyable for you. These shopping trips usually last approximately 5 hours.
        • The next session is where we create outfits from the items in your wardrobe, giving you plenty of choice and variety so that you can tailor what you wear to what you’re doing, where you’re going and who you’re seeing. I’ll show you how to merge your new purchases in with your existing wardrobe to create some outstanding outfits (you’ll be surprised just how many outfits I’ll be able to help you create). I’ll teach you how to asses every item you ever purchase from here on and how you can decide if a purchase is right for you. You’ll further embed your knowledge and I will share further tips and tricks with you – my clients find this one of the most valuable parts of this package.
        • We will then have a fifth session focused on your footwear. During this session we will review your existing shoes with the aim of creating a stylish and comfortable shoe wardrobe which complements your new clothes and style. We’ll review what you’ve currently got and create a shopping list to fill in any gaps. (don’t worry, I know comfort is important so we’ll be balancing comfort and style!)
        • In our sixth session, we take a close look at your accessories – bags, belts, jewellery, etc. We’ll make sure that your existing collection is right for you and your wardrobe. We’ll then discuss how to make some key purchases to elevate your overall look, and we’ll look at how to use them effectively to create different outfits and looks.
        • Then comes the second tailor-made shopping experience. This is an exciting experience, where because you already know the drill, we can be super-efficient with our time and with where we invest to finish off your wardrobe. This can either be online or in person, whichever you prefer, the choice is entirely yours. Again we can go to Cardiff City Centre or Cribbs Causeway if you wish and this trip usually lasts a morning. Or you can do an online shop using a tailor-made shopping list that I will create just for you. If you choose this option, then we’ll get together once everything has arrived to review your purchases.
        • Between sessions you have unlimited email support if you have any questions, and my commitment is to respond as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours. I’ve got your back, I’m here to help and support you.

      *I will work with you to tailor this part of the session to your particular preferences around make-up.

      **Home visits are undertaken within NP and CF post code areas. If you are outside of these areas, the wardrobe/shopping review will take place in my studio (NP4) and you will need to bring your items to me.

      What’s included?


      A full personal colour analysis, with a beautiful fan containing fabric colour swatches of your best colour palette so that you can take it shopping with you or into your wardrobe and confidently select clothes in the right colours.


      Following your in-depth style analysis, carried out by me as an experienced stylist, you’ll walk away with a tailored framework for you to develop your wardrobe, supported by a comprehensive guide.


      You’ll take away a luxury make-up box, so you can easily recreate the look without me (I promise you it’s easy to apply and feels beautiful).


      I’ll share with you my knowledge and expertise on how to use your make-up to enhance your beautiful features (of course this is completely tailored to you and your style – remember I don’t offer a cookie cutter service, everything is bespoke to you)


      A 3-hour wardrobe review, by the end of which you will have a wardrobe that is a joy to behold. It will contain only things that are right for you and will be organised so that you can see everything, enabling you to easily put different outfits together. You’ll also have a tailor-made shopping list so you know what additions you should make to enable you to create even more options.


      A 5-hour bespoke personal shopping trip, including lunch, where you will start to implement your new style knowledge. You’ll have my full support and expert advice so you know how to assess something to decide if it’s right for you and whether to make the purchase.


      An outfit creation session, enables you to learn how to merge your existing wardrobe and new purchases, to create a wide variety of different outfits for any occasion making sure that you fully maximise your investment for the long term. You’ll also have exclusive access to an online style portal where we can collaborate on your wardrobe on the go.


      A Shoe Wardrobe Review, so everything in your new wardrobe works for you from top to toe. You’ll learn what to look for in your shoes, from the right shape and colour to the best materials and how to add the finer details, striking the right balance for you between comfort and style.


      An Accessorising with Confidence session, where we’ll make sure that you have the right accessories to work with you and your wardrobe. We’ll review what you have already in terms of jewellery, belts, scarves, bags, etc., and I’ll show you how to use your accessories in different ways to change the look of different outfits and create new ones. We’ll also discuss what your next purchases should be and I’ll leave you with a personalised shopping list for when you’re ready to invest further in your accessories.


      Our final session will be a tailormade shopping experience – either in person, or online with a purchase review session. This enables us to look for items to fill any remaining gaps in your wardrobe to complement your new style. By the end of the programme we’ll ensure you have everything you need to springboard your success through your style.


      You’ve absolutely got my support while we’re working together through unlimited email support. I’ll be there to support and guide you, sharing my vast knowledge of style, colour and how to make you the most confident, visible, best version of you.


      Three x 30-minute follow-up Zoom calls with me during the six months after the programme – your opportunity to ask any questions or get my advice on specific items in your wardrobe

      These sessions usually take place over the course of three to six months but can be arranged to suit your diary.

      Also included are these exclusive FREE bonuses:


      • Unlimited access to “The Style Library” – my exclusive collection of e-books expertly designed to enable you to navigate your way through some of the common style challenges that people face and will further embed the knowledge that you gain whilst working with me (available Autumn 2022).
      • Membership of The Style Studio – a private Facebook group exclusively for my clients where you can access further help and advice, where I share lots of useful tips with you, and you’ll be able to access exclusive offers just for my community.
      • A personal gift from me to you – a beautiful pashmina, that is in a colour chosen specifically for you and will go with your new wardrobe – on holiday, at work, visiting friends, or just having a lovely night out.
      • Unlimited access to The Style Masterclass Series – my exclusive collection of OnDemand video masterclasses, which I have designed to help you to master the art of some of the biggest style challenges that people face. You’ll have lifetime access to the content, workbooks to guide you through what to do, and checklists to set you up for success. What’s more, you’ll get immediate access as soon as you decide to embark on your style journey with me (available Autumn 2022).
      • Shopping Survival Kit, the essential things you need to take with you to ensure a successful shopping trip, every single time!
        • A complementary iGreen glasses consultation to create a bespoke frame(s) for reading glasses or sunglasses – the most important accessory to get right and you’ll have my expert advice and guidance to make sure you do.

        Just Imagine…


        Standing in front of your wardrobe, knowing that everything in it is an authentic representation of who you truly are.

        And best of all, you have a buzz of excitement about choosing what to wear, knowing that whatever you choose you’re going to look and feel amazing!

        If you’re ready to get started, let’s chat


        If you’re ready to work with me, or would like to find out more about how I can help you, please book a call using the button below.

        Price: £2,995



        Can I pay in instalments?

        Yes, if you prefer. You can spread your payment over up to 6 instalments paid monthly. Please let me know if you’d like to do this and we can discuss the details.

        Other than the programme fee, are there any other charges?

        Everything you need is included the programme fee. However, you will need to set aside a shopping budget.

        Do you only work with women?

        Absolutely not! My styling services are suitable for everyone, and I tailor each one to suit my client.

        My aim is to provide an inclusive service and welcome everyone to my studio. If you have any concerns or questions about how the sessions works, or if you have any specific requirements to be able to attend, please do let me know. I will work with you to ensure the session is accessible and that you feel comfortable.

        Please book a call with me to discuss your specific needs/requirements and I can determine your bespoke package.

        What happens at the end of the programme?

        You will have a wardrobe transformed to suit you and your lifestyle. Personal style is something that should continue to evolve over time, and I’m here to help you with that evolution. At the end of the programme, you will be invited to join my exclusive Style Rewards programme.

        I don’t live locally to you. Does that matter?

        Ideally, most of the sessions are best delivered in person to ensure you get the most value. We can arrange days/times to best suit you. I can also recommend some lovely hotels in the local area. There is also the option for some sessions to take place online via Zoom. Please do get in touch and we can look at a range of options so that we can work together.

        How much will I need for my shopping budget?

        This will largely depend on your individual wardrobe requirements. Typically, my clients have shopping budgets of between £500 and £2,000 depending on what they are looking to achieve. I will work with you and your budget to help you achieve what you are aiming for.

        Can any of the sessions be combined?

        Yes, there are a number of ways that certain sessions can be combined. We’ll discuss and agree a schedule which works best for you.