What my clients say

Meet Laura

Laura Evans is an award-winning Entrepreneur, business owner, Master Coach and NLP Trainer. She had been running her successful NLP training company since she set it up in 2014. She wanted to take her business to the next level by launching a high-quality coaching and mentoring business.

Having put off updating her wardrobe (for YEARS “until she’d lost the weight”), Laura came to me for some help with her wardrobe to ensure that every aspect of her professional brand was aligned with the high-quality services that she delivers. She had booked a photoshoot for the new business and then realised her wardrobe just didn’t cut it! 

Laura had a very functional wardrobe, but it was uninspiring, didn’t reflect who she truly is, and didn’t make her feel fabulous. Laura was “so delighted” with what I’d helped her to achieve initially, she went on to book my Signature Style programme having seen what I could help her achieve saying “if I had known then what I know now, I’d have jumped right in at the start with Siân’s Signature Style programme – that woman is a magician!”.

Laura and I worked together to find her the absolute best style and colour of clothes to suit her body shape and her personality. I then helped her to implement her new knowledge through assessing her current wardrobe, re-working existing items and identifying the gaps to fill. Laura was happy to make an investment in her wardrobe, but didn’t have unlimited funds and I was able to show her how to create some amazing looks within her budget.

I took Laura on a personal shopping experience. It’s no understatement to say that Laura hated clothes shopping. I do my research before every shopping trip to make it easy, and even fun, when we hit the shops together. Receiving a video message from Laura afterwards saying what an amazing experience she’d had was a true highlight.

With the professional photo shoot in mind, as an added service, I helped Laura to prepare for this by collating a set of outfits that achieved everything she wanted from the shoot – not just looking at the clothes, but looking at shoes, make-up, accessories, bags, hairstyle and more to create the right overall look.

Here are Laura’s words on how she found the experience and working with me:

WOW! Where do I start … from start to finish she’s looked after me and guided me – her customer service is second to none! She has a talent like no-one else I know when it comes to helping you look and feel amazing. Her processes work and you soon learn to trust the process and Siân’s expertise (I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone in a supported way – boy was it worth it!). 

She really listens to what you want to get out of your experience, and she over delivers every single time – she’s so generous with her knowledge – you really feel like she’s got your back and she’s in your corner. She has a kind and caring approach but also has a lovely way of ensuring you make the right decision for YOU! There are no ‘cookie-cutter’ approaches here – you feel supported and guided throughout. She’s honest – if it looks rubbish, she’ll help you understand why AND what you can do to fix or change it.

When I look back at photos of myself before I started working with Siân and look at myself now I KNOW I feel and look amazing. The key point for me was sat at the traffic lights one day (the make-up Siân had recommended was on, hair styled as she’d suggested and an outfit she’d helped me put together based on the colours and styles that suited me) and I caught a guy looking at me out of the corner of my eye from the car next to me – that was all the compliment I needed and reassurance that I had turned a corner with my style. I felt a million dollars (and had spent less than £100 on the whole look).

I highly recommend Siân to be your Personal Stylist – I love working with her and my transformation is testimony enough to what this awesome lady is capable of helping you achieve too! Siân is phenomenal! What are you waiting for?!

I would definitely recommend Sian’s work: having spent years in boring black lawyer suits she has unleashed my colourful side and enabled me to be more true to my personality. Sessions are relaxed, informative and fun with lots of tips and ideas. It will change your life! My first session was a gift gratefully received but I’d happily pay: worth every penny.


I would highly recommend Sian for her enthusiasm and professionalism. Having my colours analysed with Sian was a life changing moment which gave me the confidence to wear colours that really suit me and complement my colouring and personality. I have received many compliments on my appearance. I was so impressed, I went on to do the Style session, and am now hoping to do the advanced colour class.


Just awesome! I have absolutely loved working with Sian to discover my wow colours and style to fall back in love with every piece in my wardrobe and using this to enhance how I present my personality.


Thank you Sian for showing me my wow colours! Such a professional service, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I would highly recommend Sian.