About Siân

I am a woman of a certain age, a certain size and with a lot of passion.

Passion for life, my family and friends, doing things that I love, spending time in special places (Pembrokeshire is my absolute favourite!), and helping to create a world of confidence … oh and desserts!!

I’m a busy wife, mum to Emily (who is the light of my life) and business owner (as well as wearing many other hats) – all things I love. I completely understand the juggle that wearing many hats creates and I get how easy it is to let yourself fall down the list of priorities. I’ve been there and I know it doesn’t serve you well. I also know how to change it.

I consider it a privilege to be able to run a successful business where I get to help so many people achieve so much by finding the confidence to be themselves.

What I do

I do what I love!

I’m passionate about helping ambitious people, just like you, to elevate their personal style and achieve the success they desire.

I specialise in helping you to not only discover the style that is right for you, but also how to implement it in practice.

I have an amazing toolkit, which I use to tailor-make the experience you have when you work with me. Your style is unique to you, and so is the way that I work with you.

I know from personal experience and from what my clients tell me that the true value of learning about your personal style comes when you implement the knowledge you gain. I can teach you the fundamentals that you need but implementing that knowledge can be a challenge if you try to do it by yourself. That’s why I stay with you, to guide and support you every step of the way.

I have created three bespoke programmes for you to choose from. These ensure that you have my support to really get to grips with your personal style profile and implement the changes you need to make to your wardrobe to embrace it.

I work with people of all shapes and sizes – everyone unique and beautiful. I know that as well as the practical things like saving money, making it easier to shop, or putting different outfits together, what you will learn will be an amazing boost to how you feel about yourself, your confidence, and how you tell the world who you are. You can’t really put a price tag on it because the knowledge you gain and how you use it will always remain with you.

As well as being a professionally trained personal stylist, I have a background in HR. This combined with my experience as a successful business owner means that I completely understand how to leverage your personal brand to achieve success, whatever that looks like for you.


Be Confident, be visible, be you!


Transform your wardrobe with your own Personal Sylist!


Springboard your success and achieve your goals!

My Story

Unlike a lot of other Personal Stylists, I didn’t start out with a love of fashion!

In fact, when I was growing up clothes were mainly a way for me to try and hide that I was bigger than all the other the girls. I’ve nearly always been “plus size” (a term I hate!), which meant that I never felt confident. I just wanted to blend in and hide.

What I am interested in is knowing how to dress to make the best of what you’ve got, without the pressure of feeling that you have to look a certain way – this is real life not Insta life!

I started to elevate my style having lost six stone in weight and needing to replace my wardrobe. I had no idea where to start, the choice of non-plus size clothing was a lot more overwhelming than what I was used to.

What I’ve found fascinating is that as I put weight back on, I haven’t gone back to feeling insecure and wanting to hide. I’ve embraced still wanting to look and feel fantastic because I know I deserve to. The tools I learned – to dress for my body and my personality, in my best colours – are still just as relevant at my current “plus size” as when I’d lost weight.

I’m now very happy to be visible. In fact I don’t want to blend in anymore. I have a wardrobe of clothes that represents who I am in an authentic way, whilst fitting with all areas of my life, from my professional environment to crawling around on the floor with Emily, and everything in between.

Proud to work with House of Colour

I am proud to be the owner of the Monmouthshire & Torfaen franchise of House of Colour.

House of Colour is a global franchise organisation with a network of passionate and talented Personal Stylists across the UK and worldwide.

When I started my own style journey with House of Colour, it was on the recommendation of a colleague. I loved everything about it – the depth of knowledge and information, the variety of tools, the way everything made sense and felt like it had been designed specifically for me.

Then came the point where I decided to set up my own personal style business. Deep down I knew it would be with House of Colour, but I did my research into other options to make sure I set up for success with the best possible personal style system there is. And guess what – House of Colour came out on top!